Deiktisch Oponthoud

(Dutch for Deictic Sojourn)

The Deiktisch Oponthoud or Deictic Sojourn is a key concept within Cathedral Theory, so some introductory explaining is required.

In Cathedral Theory all substance is denied existence, autrement dit: there is no Being. Ontology is the study of non-existent existence, a subdomain of narratology5.

Also: Space is the Place, i.e. all places are illusions based on temporal deformations of pure Extension (Space). A place 'seems to exist' temporarily: the default linear passage of time does not allow for any 'existence' but due to the happening of Clinamen 6 the Grand Era of the Deictic Sojourn has commenced. Well, we are in the habit of having all these posh names 7 for it, because our lifes depend on it, for the universe it's just a minor mishap...

The Life and Times of Tristam Shandy by Laurence Sterne is a beautiful and very entertaining metaphorical narration of the Deictic Sojourn. Finnigan's Wake by James Joyce is considered by most Cathedral Residents the Definitive Guide to the Deictic Sojourn 8.

Basically what the Deictic Sojourn does, as long as we are in it, is to allow us to perceive things and places and point at them and call them names. Rather silly as time passing activity,since none of these things actually exist, but hey, that's what we do...

A place is somewhere within the Deictic Sojourn, here is not a place, unless you concede to 'here' being defined by the place there which is not-here. These loops of interchangeable recursive definitions are not 'meaningless' they serve the purpose of establishing sufficient time delay for the construction of the Deictic Sojourn. The Deictic Sojourn is the (fictional) place where you can point at things and call them names. All that is humanly intelligible can only be discussed within the framework of the Deictic Sojourn

Being is an auxiliary, a mental construct required to make the reality of  what is happening humanly intelligible. All that we know (assume we know) as 'being' is happening, as we speak. No thing is real. There is no such thing as a thing-in-itself, existing outside of time. Any thing is always happening, so 'it' has a beginning and an end. When something ends it does not magically become the-thing-that-was, it merely succumbs into primordial Difference, its identity ends.