(Dutch noun  for 'housing') Physical location of a Kathedraal

A Kathedraal is a program, running code. It exists until it exits. Awaiting to be activated by a Lezing (reading) Kathedraal code needs to be stored somewhere. Before the advent of Information Technology as we think we know it, code storage was a complicated matter involving books, manuscripts, libraries, librarians, reading and printing permissions and authors rights and privileges. A Kathedraal might be stored spread over hundreds of books by several authors requiring a reader bent on activating a Kathedraal to travel extensively and filling in forms to acquire the documents she needed.

Like in our networked systems today Kathedraal code was embedded in an information system that was not meant for Cathedral building. Any Information Systems' sole purpose is control and the exorcise of power. Kathedral code corrupts the power system because of its nature. Once activated it spreads like a virus, unstoppable once a Kathedraal is Outed (promoted) to the status of Cathedral. At times power officials grew paranoia about the presence of Kathedraal code within their system and resorted to the burning of books and other crazy actions.

Present day paranoia about Kathedraal code causing all kinds of mayhem within our information system is simalarly based on the misconception of the nature of Kathedraal code and on the illusion that Kathedraal code can be removed from the total body of code:

  • the total body of code does not exist (cataloging it alone would increase its volume innumerably)
  • Kathedraal code is ordinary code required for the System until it is activated by a Kathedraal reader
  • Anti-virus programs only slow down the spread of viral code on a very basic level. What they do slow down very effectively is the System running them...


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