(Dutch noun for Cathedral) missing (or just plain absent) centre for Aksels.

A Kathedraal  is not a cathedral (English for Kathedraal), and most certainly not the Cathedral. At any given time there can be only one Cathedral. The present Cathedral is Here, where you are reading it, at Cathedral Runtime. The concurrence of two or more Cathedrals would lead to mutual invasion of Cathedral Namespace and hence unavoidably to a cataclysm of Nirwaansels

However a Kathedraal, the formal structure of  the Cathedral,  can be used by other codeworkers and code-buildings to improve code solidity. A Kathedraal, then, can be seen as a Cathedral minus Its Being at Runtime, an exquisite kind of  pre-compilation Garbage.

The Kathedraal function is named after Kurt Schwitters Merzbau, a Cathedral Building Practice he himself called the Kathedrale des erotischen Elends at least once[note]Since the birth of the dv's Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends, some art scholars have been eager to prove that Schwitters hardly ever called his practice by that name. Unfortunately for them proving that someone ever said anything is a very hard thing, but proving that someone never said or meant to say something as he said it, is near impossible. I do wish they die a happy person, though.[/note]. Any Kathedraal will have much in common with what First and Foremost Cathedral Author ks did. A Kathedraal will use anything at hand to build just like Schwitters used to collect street garbage for use in his Merzbau. It will gladly mix the use of different media (Kurt Schwitters was a fool for the grand Gesamtkunstwerk idea). It will make itself at home in the most ordinary place and corrupt all structures around it with its unstoppable need to grow (Schwitters excelled in transforming the back rooms of his bourgeois house into a decor for a 1920 German Expressionistic movie). A Kathedral is always a  'global' system: it doesn't deal with any one thing, it is always a statement on everything....


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