(Dutch for 'later', pronounced /l’atfr/)

'later' is a  reserved place in the Deictic Sojourn that is used to refer to gignomena that from your current point of view in MoneySpace are not occuring yet. In Cathedral Theory it is often used to refer to definitions of terms concerning gignomena where research has not yet reached the defining stage.
For instance, at the time of writing of this lemma Cathedral Research on MoneySpace was only just past it's init phase, so we can refer to it as a Cathedral concept but to reference it we can only refer to 'later', like this: MoneySpace (cfr later).

Of course, one needs to take into account the fact that MoneySpace is not a continuum like many theorists believe TimeSpace to be. So while the time of writing may or may not coincide with your current point of view in TimeSpace it will always coincide in MoneySpace, because the distance (difference making a difference :: Bateson) between time of writing and time of your reading is only a matter of Money...


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