A Cathedral Novice is an apprentice studying Cathedral Theory. Although theoretically the Kristine Academy where the PEP is taking place, is open to anyone all of the time, the current Cathedral Author has made it clear, on several occasions, that the academy is only open to female apprentices, stating 'men have no business here' as Sufficient Cause for his declaration.

There is, it seems, a continuing conflict between the Author and the Cathedral-Mother over this. Obviously, all female students are a potential threat to her position, while educating men in the many subtilities of CT might challenge the currently unquestioned Authorship. Among Cathedral populace all of this has given rise to more discontent: why should women not be thought capable of authoring the Cathedral? And indeed: why can't human males aspire the role of Cathedral-Mother?

Anyway, the Kristine Academy has been closed since its Grand Opening in 2005 and although there have been rumors about it being opened in secret during some time in the past six years, there is no reason to believe that the Academy will be open to the General Public anytime soon...


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